Do you speak music - sprichst Du Musik

Idea of Comenius/Grundtvig course 6th of July - 12th of July 2014
Brain research in recent years has confirmed a deep and profound relationship between music and language learning. Also, research indicates that small children are already capable of learning foreign languages.
Listening, perceiving, imitating and creating are basic skills in both language and music.
Additional informations about steps towards an integrated music education:(PDF 2942 KB)

The major goal of Comenius Projekt "European Music Portfolio: a creative way into language" is to integrate musical activities in primary foreign language education.

The idea of this European Music Portfolio Project is to benefit young learners, primary teachers and teacher's trainers by:
train and support teachers in their foreign language skills through musical activities
train and support musical learning and teaching
to motivate students to integrate and develop language and music skills
to understand learning stategies and to share aspects of each culture
to learn about different European cultures
full description of the course per day:(PDF 144 KB)

For the third time in Switzerland! We offer you a full week of international spirit, exchange with teachers from different European cultures and visits of cultural highlights of the canton of Grisons.

Are you interested?
The course takes place in Schiers a lovely old village in the canton of Grisons. Schiers is not far away from the capital of Grisons, Chur, the oldest town in the Alps.
The course is accommodated in the "Evangelische Mittelschule Schiers" a traditional boarding school where we can offer a full board stay (single and double rooms). On demand we can also organize a stay in a hotel nearby. Family rooms on request.
We contact any registered participant to inquire his or her accommodation wishes.
Participants can be escorted by a family member and eventually kids (additional costs for food and beverage). Contact us for further informations.

Course fee: 750 Euro
Accommodation fee: about 580 Euro/six nights. Base single room, full board, private bathroom. Hotel and double room on request.

Final date of registration for those asking for the expenses at your national Agency
15th March 2014: your pre-reservation form must be at your national Agency before 17th March 2014 (signed by your superior).

Cancellation rules
Free cancellation is possible until 6th of April
Cancellations from 7th of April until 7th of June: 100 Euro
Cancellations from 8th of June on: full course and accommodation fee

How to visit the Comenius/Grundtvig course do you speak music
As an EU citizen you have to use this pre-reservation form (PDF 60 KB) and you have to send it to your national agency to garantee your expenses. Please send a copy of your pre-reservation form to Schule und Weiterbildung Schweiz, Bennwilerstrasse 6, 4434 Hölstein Switzerland or a scanned version by email or fax it to 0041 61 956 90 79.
Please inform us as soon as possible by email when your registration is final. We will send you a confirmation of your final registration and the invoice. Your pre-reservation form must be at your national Agency before 17th March 2014 (signed by your superior). The national Agency will have several weeks to decide.

For support in the procedure of applying to the course, please ask your national agency or a colleague who already successfully applied for an EU-Comenius course.
Bennwilerstrasse 6 | 4434 Hölstein
Tel 061 956 90 70 |

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